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2nd Quarter 2018 Real Estate Sales Report

The Rosedale - Moore Park Toronto 















+ 10%

Average Price







+ 7%

Average Listing Price







+ 3%

% of Final Sales Price to Listing Price







+ 0%

Days on Market







- 32%

# of Detached Houses








# of Semi's








# of Townhouses

  6     4    

Rosedale Moore Park Toronto real estate housing market saw a large icrease overall for 2019. Sales this year were up by 10% to 121 home sales. Sales prices for 2019 quarter increased by 7% a first in many years, partly due to a lack of inventory in the Rosedale - Moore Park area, pushing the average sales price up. The average price comes in at a strong $3,555,690 per transaction up by 7%..
Another statistic showing that the market will remain strong is that we are seeing 101% of the final sales price to the listing price. Also, the houses are selling within three weeks a very strong stat. 
I will be very curious to see what 2020 brings. I have a feeling that this new pricing upswing will continue. The area that will keep the prices up is the lack of new inventory coming into the market. This is a bit strange as prices being up you would assume that those debating on selling their home would understand that this time is a great time to do so. 

I believe it is critical for the buyers and sellers use an agent that truly understands the Rosedale - Moore Park real estate market because a mistake could cost a great deal.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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