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Including Lytton Park, John Ross Robertson, Blythwood and Bedford Park Neighbourhoods

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lawrence park toronto real estate luxury houses top agent expert chantel murphy sotheby's best agentLawrence Park has grown to become one of Toronto's most exclusive and expensive neighbourhoods. Bordered by Lawrence in the north, Sherwood Park in the south, Yonge Street to the west and Bayview Avenue to the east.
Lawrence Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods encompass  some of the most desirable areas in which to live in Toronto. These neighbourhoods include Lytton Park and John Ross Robertson, Bedford Park, Sherwood Park to the east, north to The Cricket Club area and Allenby to the south. 
Lawrence Park's and the nearby neighbourhood original homes were built between 1910 and 1940. The architecture ranged from English Cottage, Tudor Revival, Georgian and Colonial style designs. Most of these houses have kept the integrity of their original design making this neighbourhood one of Toronto's most beautiful with mature tree lined streets.
One area that has set Lawrence Park apart from most Toronto neighbourhoods is the neighbourhood has preserved it's old world charm even though many homes have been extensively renvated. To this day you can still drive the neighbourhood and see the beautiful lead glass windows, original wood frames around the doors and curb appeal that show the original beauty of each property. Gardens with over 70 years of growth provide beauty and elegance. Large mature backyards boast some of Toronto's best lots. Many lot frontages even span over 50 feet of frontage and over 200 ft in depth. You will still find the original hardwood floors and fireplaces in many of these homes while extensive renovations throughout. Kitchens, basements and bathrooms have often been renovated to these luxury homes that also have old world charm yet provide up to date lifestyle renovations, additions or completely new construction. 
Lawrence Park boasts some of Toronto's top schools both Private and Public. From the historic girls private school Havergal College to the Boy's Crescent School, Toronto French School and the Public Elementary School John Ross Robertson affectionately know as JRR and Blythwood P.S. Less we not forget 2 of Toronto's top High Schools in Lawrence Park Collegiate and North Toronto Collegiate Institute, both ranked at the top of Ontario's rankings.
Greenspace is in abundance with small parks and trails throughout. A great neighbourhood to run, bike or just a walk with the family.
Lawrence Park has become one of Toronto's most sought after neighbourhoods.. The average price is over $3,600,000 and the homes average over 2,750 sq. ft.. You can easily find 5 or 6 bedroom homes in Lawrence Park but most are still 4 bedrooms.
Transportation is a breeze with two subway stops in the north and south being Lawrence and Eglinton Statios. There are also ample bus routes that run in these areas to both of these stations along Lawrence, Avenue Road, Eglinton Avenue West and Mount Pleassant. Highway 401 is just minutes away to the north. Toronto's downtown can be reached in 30 minutes by public transit or car. 
Lawrence Park is a major neighbourhood that has been able to keep that small town charm. Shopping and restaurants are in abundance from upscale fine dining to boutique shops, quaint food stores and small coffee houses. All providing a wonderful walk on a Sunday afternoon for families. The ambiance of these North Toronto neighbourhoods is charming and provides the opportunity to chat with store owners, friends and residences and will provide that small town feeling.
Community Centres are also popular in these neighbourhoods including The North Toronto Community Centre as well as Otter Creek and smaller parks and centres. The ravine is also nearby providing an incredible nature walk within the neighbourhood.
If you are looking for an upscale luxury quiet family neighbourhood Lawrence Park is the place to live.
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lawrence park south toronto real estate sales stats solds pricesLawrence Park South, Toronto Sales Statistics
2nd Quarter, 2022
  2022 2021 %
# of Sales 41 66 - 62 %
Average Sale Price $3,476,635 $3,039,017 14 %
Average Listing Price $3,468,195 $2,956,150 17 %
% of Sale to Listing Price 101 % 104 %  - 3 %
Days on Market 12 11 20 %
Detached Home Sales 38 58 - 34 %
Semi Detached House Sales 2 1 50 %
Townhouse Sales 0 0 %
1st Quarter Sales 2023 2023 2022 %
# of Sales 46 56 - 18%
Average Price per Sale $2,287,775 $2,933.236 - 23%
Average Listing Price $2,295,326 $2,672,886 - 14%
% of Sales to Listing Price 100% 116% - 6%
Days on Market 44 12 366 %
Detached Home Sales 34 38  
Semi Detached Home Sales 11 15  
Townhouse Sales 1 2  

2nd Quarter Sales 2023 2023 2022 %
Sales 91 82 9%
Average Price $2,689,496 $2,918,322 - 8%
Average Listing Price $2,580,649 $2,848,160 - 10%
Days on Market 11 9 22%
% of Listing Price 102% 104% - 2%
Detached 71 67  
Semi's 15 14  
Townhouses 5 1  

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute real estate neighbourhoodJohn Ross Robertson PS - Kindegarten to Grade 6 Rank
Blythwood PS - Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, Rank
Glenview Sr. PS - Grade 7 to Grade 8 
Lawrence Park CI - Grade 9 to Grade 12, Rank
North Toronto CI - Grade 9 o Grade 12 Rank

Private Schools:
Havergal College - Kidergarten to Grade 12
Crescent School - Kindergarten to Grade 12
Toronto French School - Kinderfarten to Grade 12

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