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1 st thomas street condo yorkville toronto condos   four seasons private residence and hotel condo yorkville toronto   windsor arms and private residence condo yorkville toronto

No. 1 St. Thomas Condo
1 St. Thomas Street


Four Seasons Private Residence
55 Scollard Street & 50 Yorkville 


Windsor Arms Hotel & Condo
 22 St. Thomas Street

100 Yorkville Ave Condo Toronto   80 yorkville ave condo toronto   the regency condo 68 yorkville ave toronto

100 Yorkville Condo
100 Yorkville Ave.


80 Yorkville Condo
80 Yorkville Ave.


The Regency Condo
68 Yorkville Ave.

50 Scollard Street Condos Luxury Yorkville Toronto   11 Yorkville Condo Toronto listings prices floor plans amenities   50 yorkville ave four seasons private residence condo floor plans prices listings
50 Scollard Street Condo
50 Scollard Street
   11 Yorkville Condo
 11 Yorkville Ave.
  Four Seasons Private Residence Condo
50 Yorkville Ave
21 scollard street condo yorkville    
21 Scollard Condo
aka The Villa at 18 Yorkville

  Pears on Avenue
170 Avenue Road
  Hazelton Private Residences
118 Yorkville Avenue
18 Yorkville Condo
18 Yorkville Ave.
  The Prince Arthur Condo 
38 Avenue Road
  The Yorkville at 32 Davenport Condo 
32 Davenport Road
Yorkville Private Estates Condo 
200 Cumberland Ave.
  8 Cumberland Condo 
8 Cumberland Ave.
  33 Yorkville Condo 
33 Yorkville Ave.
878 Yonge Street Condo 
878 Yonge Street
  100 Davenport Condo 
100 Davenport Road
  NO. 10 Bellair Condo 
NO. 10 Bellair Ave.
The Memphis Condo 
942 Yonge Street
  The Ramsden Condo 
980 Yonge Street
  NO. 110 Bloor Condo 
110 Bloor Street West
88 Cumberland Condo 
88 Cumberland Avenue
  94 Cumberland Condo 
94 Cumberland Avenue
  1 Bedford Condo 
1 Bedford Street

Yorkville and The Annex, Toronto Condos

Above is an introduction to a few notable Yorkville Condominium Buildings. However, there are many more condominium buildings located in the Yorkville neighbourhood. Please click on the links to view each of these buildings or complete the form at the bottom of this page .If you don't see the building you are searching for here. We will be pleased to provide you with specific pricing, features, floor plans and amenity information for any condo building. Every condo buildling has it's own features and amenities, finding the best building for each individual buyer varies depending on personal taste and preferences.    


Yorkville is one of Toronto's most famed neighbourhoods. In a city that boasts over 145 unique neighbourhoods this is quite a feat. Having gone through many transformations from it's early days in the 1830's when Yorkville was established as a suburb by William Botsford Jarvis of Rosedale and Joseph Bloore ( this is the origin of the name for Bloor Street ) . Annexed in 1883 this area has stood the test off time .
  Yorkville has finally realized it's final metaphorphisis as a world renowned , high end neighbourhood filled with art galleries, designer boutiques, top restaurants and chic cafes.
Over the years the diverse history of this now elite community adds to the character of the neighbourhood.  The old firehall from 1876 was restored in 1974 and remains a charming reminder of days past amongst the soaring luxury condominium skyscrappers and state of the art towers such as The Residences of The Four Seasons Toronto. One of the most favoured references by local Torontonian's of Yorkville were it's
" hippie" days , where the old victorian structures were filled with colourful small shops and unique personalities finding entertainment there. It was unimagineable at that time that a few decades later many of  those same individuals would realize their own potential and call Yorkville home by purchasing residential real estate that is now some of Canda's most prominent and costly.
Perfectly positioned in the heart of Toronto, the Yorkville neighbourhood provides easy access to Toronto's main subway lines, The North/ South and East /West lines as well as Yonge Street and the designer shops on Bloor Street . These few blocks of Bloor Street within Yorkville are referred to as the " Mink Mile ".This is where many of the world's leading luxury brands including Tiffany and Co., Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada have Toronto stores.  The restaurants in Yorkville are second to none , with Daniel Boulud's , Cafe Boulud in The Four Seasons on Yorkville Avenue and our city's own Mark McEwan's One Restaurant at the corner of Yorkville Avenue and Hazelton Avenue.  
Art collectors also enjoy a multitude of small galleries within the Yorkville neighbourhood that serve to satiate the apetite for those seeking a cultural reprieve from their days of shopping.

2nd Quarter &  1st Quarter  2018 Real Estate Sales Report

yorkville toronto condos 2017 4th quarter sales report

Yorkville and the Annex Toronto 2nd Quarter                  2018     2017   Difference
Sales   90     100   - 10%
Average Sold Price   $1,065,003     $1,351,911   - 21%
Average Listing Price   $1,070,565     $1,373,262   - 22%
% of Final Sales Price to Listing Price   100%     99%   - 1%
Days on Market   20     27   - 26%

Yorkville and The Annex Toronto's condo market saw a decline in sales and sold price in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Sales this quarter down by 10% to 90 condo sales. Sales prices for the 2nd quarter decreased by 21%, partly due to a lack of inventory in the Yorkville area, pushing the average sales price up. The average price comes in at a strong $1,065,003 per suite.

Last year at this time we saw a very strong demand for larger 1,200+ sq. ft. units from empty nesters' moving from larger houses. This has changed dramatically as we saw many sales of the smaller units. The supply for these larger units is very limited. These large suites are generally found in older condo buildings 20+ years that are priced moderately or new condo buildings that are super luxury and very expensive.  

Another statistic showing that the market will remain strong is that we are seeing 100% of the final sales price to the listing price. Also, condos are selling within a month. We also saw most of the condos price per square footage increased over this quarter proving that high end stats don't always show you a clear picture. I tend to base the market on price per square footage due to it is more relevant to how an area is doing.

I will be very curious to see what the 3rd quarter of 2018 brings. We have a few new (pre-construction) condo buildings initiating their VIP sales, but I don't see this affecting the resale market as the pre-construction attracts different buyer.

*** Please Note -These prices do not truly portray the fact that many of these super luxury condo units are from $1300 to over $1,500 per sq. ft.. ***

Yorkville and The Annex 1st Quarter   2018     2017   Difference
Sales   66     70   - 6%
Average Price   $1,257,835     $1,159,815   + 8%
Average Original Listing Price   $1,288,692     $1,160,478   + 11%
% of Final Sales Price to Listing   99%     103%   - 4%
Days on Market   26     24   + 8%

Yorkville and The Annex Toronto's condo market saw a decline in sales in the 1st quarter of 2018, down by 6% to 66 condo sales. Sales prices for the 1st quarter increased by 8%, a strong showing based on the condo market throughout the city. The average price comes in at a strong $1,257,835 per suite. We spoke last year of how the pre-construction market would affect resale with the new condos beginning their VIP programs in the 1st quarter of 2018. As predicted, would happen there was very little if any effect infact. The main reason for this is how expensive the new condos are. The price  per sq. ft. for new construction condos in Yorkville  up, now  over an average price of $1,200 per square foot and resale just under $1,000 per sq. ft.

There is still a very strong demand for larger 1,200+ sq. ft. units from empty nesters moving from larger houses. This is one of the major factors affecting the price increase as there are more larger units being sold.  The higher component of more expensive properties in the mix , pushes the the price up in any analysis. 

Another statistic showing that the market will remain strong is that we are seeing a strong 99% of the final sale price to the listing price. Many condos are selling within a month. 

Yorkville and The Annex still has pockets that are offering units under $800 per square foot. However, we are seeing the average sit high-mid $900's per square foot, which is down from a few years ago but still very strong in this climate. Yorkville continues to hold close to $995 per sq. ft. or more in many of its buildings, but of course this depends on the status and the amenities of the building.

*** Please Note -These prices do not truly portray the fact that many of these super luxury condo units are from $1300 to over $1,500 per sq. ft.. ***
The end of 2018 saw a lot of competition among buyers for Yorkville condos,  many suites selling with multiple offers. As we begin the new year in 2019 , overall condo prices have seen an increase and demand is still strong as we have little supply  of aavialbale condos in the area as of January 2019.  


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